Saturday, January 18, 2014

Glory to God for All Things

A beautiful hymn and prayer to the Holy Trinity giving thanks to all things.  It is easy to focus on that which is not going according to our plan and forget that God is always doing good for us, some which we know, and some which we do not know.  When faced with adversity we should ask what we can learn from our situation and how it humbles us in order to drive us to repentance, love, and patience.  When we hear of others who endure sufferings or are facing tribulations, rather than get angry at God or deny His very existence, instead realize that you might be someone's answer from God through your act of love and kindness. When someone wrongs you, forgive them, for truly Hell is to be found in the self-destructive nature of grudges.  We should all be able to say at the end and beginning of the day, "Glory to God for all things." 

In response to the tornado and mass destruction in Washington, IL this last December, many moved forward and showed love and compassion to those who lost their material possessions or loved ones.  May the Lord continue to show mercy to those who have been affected by such tragedies in the form of loving neighbors, friends, and family.  There is no law against such love in the eyes of God.

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